A Reminder That Style Is Ageless














This is certainly no outfit for our current weather, As it’s currently blooming warm out but I thought i’d share it anyway. Its causal, a little bit grunge but in a grown up, mum-style kinda way. I’m a little surprised at how these photos turned out considering I had been day sneezing continually all day due to a head cold, I did not have high hopes for them but it seems we pulled it off. So we are almost in June, how, where has the time gone?! I often question how can these days go both slow and fast simultaneously. This year I turn 31 and I don’t often think about the connection between clothes, age and style and I think I will continue on that path because I hate it when I hear woman say they can’t wear something because of their age. Maybe I am being naive but I just want to encourage every woman out there, that you should wear what makes you happy and to do it unapologetically so. Life is too short to not buy and wear the clothes you want to and for the most part getting dressed should be a fun and creative part of your existence.


The good thing is, I do think that there are more and more woman becoming confident and a little more carefree when it comes to personal style and it’s individuals like Catherine who runs Not Dressed As Lamb who has really bought so many woman together to celebrate individual style, encouraging them in to wear what they like and helping to remove any false sense of style limitations that were once a very real thing felt by a lot of women of a certain age. I hope that no matter what age I am I will continue to wear the clothes I want to wear and what makes me feel happy and confident in the process. Style is both experimentation as much as it can be about knowing yourself but most of all, style is ageless.


Sending you love and light,

Daniella x





(old) Cardigan – similar HERE

(old) Raey Jeans – available HERE

Dr Martens Boots – love this pair HERE




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