Styling Big Blazers & Dealing With Dramas









Happy Monday everyone. How are you all holding up? I had to take last week off to try and catch up on all the content I’ve been shooting, see I’m taking lots of photos but I’m behind on the editing. Though admittedly even if I was caught up it was probably for the best that I didn’t post last week, as it was a pretty intense week and almost every day bought a new drama! Three planets in retrograde and a New Moon In Gemini last Friday and I think it was causing a cosmic stir up.


I just wanted to say that do all that I can do to live a peaceful life, I grew up in a mentally/verbally abusive household, where the risk of confrontational situations were part of my daily existence and where fight or flight mode was constantly on. Healing and moving away from that whilst trying to build and create a lifestyle where I’m free to live a calmly has been a working progress, it’s not always easy trying to lift those old heavy blocks but it’s only when unseen or unpredictable drama knocks on your door that I realise how far i’ve come.


Last week even though there seemed to be unexpected confrontations popping up like a bloomin whack’a mole game, I put all that I had learnt into practice and despite how draining all the conflicts were I was feeling quite happy with how I’d dealt with everything and most importantly as long as my family were happy and healthy, then that’s ultimately all that matters to me. But then just when I thought all the drama was over, one more thing arose and I reacted in a way which did not express my best self!



I reacted in the moment and I believe unless it’s absolutely necessary, it’s best if I don’t respond when I’m in a reactive state of mind because I always say or do things I regret later and nine times out of ten if I choose to calm down and then react, I respond in a way that it is more in alignment with who I actually am rather then when all my emotions are heightened. I’m my own worst enemy when I react immaturely, I have a tendency to mentally beat myself up after the fact. This time though, I tried to not put myself down and reminded myself that I’m human and it’s been a tough week and sometimes we simply f*ck up! We just got to accept responsibility, brush off and try again the next day, there is no point berating ourselves for too long, these things happen.


In these times, it’s testing for everyone I’m sure but we just have to keep trying our best and I hope if anyone out there is having a challenging time that you continue to treat yourself with love and compassion because we are all doing the best we can.


On to today’s outfit and I’ll admit I couldn’t make up my mind on whether to post the photos or not but I guess I overcame that and so here the photos are. Playing dress Up definitely helps me to get through these days, so I’m going to keep going with it until it’s no longer fun for me anymore. What do you enjoy doing during these times?


Sending you all a lot of love and light,

Daniella x




Vintage Blazer – love this HERE

(old) Equipment Shirt – similar HERE

(old) By Malene Birger Shorts

Mango Boots


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