This Question Helped Give Me Insight To Life Purpose




8.5 x 11 in







This monochrome knit was one of my favourites from the winter and it’s not too thick and so brining it into the spring wasn’t exactly a hard feat to meet. I styled it with my yellow jeans to lighten the strictness of the black and white print and give it an overall warmer feel by opting for colour tones that evoked neutral warmth.



The other day I read something “if you could do anything, knowing you could not or would not fail, what would it be” Though a simple a question it sent me into a spiral of deep thought for the rest of night! Not in a negative way, it just got me thinking about what my answer would be. Apart from the obvious, getting it right with raising my daughter as a mother trying to learn and heal the ancestral damage, I wasn’t all that sure exactly what my answer is to that compelling question. After what seemed like a long reflection, I realised that my answer isn’t a straight forward one, but that is not to suggest that it doesn’t carry intention. I think we are conditioned to get so caught up in “what do we want to be” “what does our path look like” “what career should we choose” and there is so much choice and pressure because the first thing people ask is, “what do you do?”and we think we’ve got to respond with something impressive and impactful because we all want to make a good impression.


But what if our purpose isn’t to be defined by one thing or another?! I have a multiple interests, some may say even conflicting ones and i’m trying to navigate my way into making my different interests blend and maybe just by starting with one thing that may open the door for the next and who knows by the end of this life maybe just maybe I will have been able to explore and pursue all the things i’m passionate about. I may not be considered successful in all of them if any but the pursuit may be all the fulfilment I need. I also feel compelled to say that sometimes our purpose might be more about being a presence of love and spiritual learning and leading a life by the way of positive example by doing the things that make us happy, embodying the energy we wish to see more of in others, learning, failing, growing and sharing our insightful growth with anyone who might be interested. You never know how your thoughtful actions might be inspiring others and the positive ripple effect that has shouldn’t be underestimated! Maybe your path is a less obvious one but thats not to say you don’t have an integral part to play in this life, so don’t ever be discouraged, it’s likely you’re a light worker, look it up, you may surprise yourself.



I’m definitely learning I don’t have to have one interest, I can have as many as I like, pursue as many and as little as I like also. I’m learning to be present in the moment, not think too far into the future, not dwell too long in the past and just having faith that everything is how it supposed to be and if signs and synchronicity’s come along the way that direct me into a new direction, then i’m trying to simply trust that and go with it.



Sending you love and light for the weekend,

Daniella x







Joseph Knit

(old) Elizabeth & James Jeans

(old) Topshop Boots


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