Don’t Match The Energy Rise Above It

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So often when we are faced with negative attitudes from people or find ourselves in a situation of confrontation, we often get our back up over it and feel as though we have to respond in a way that matches their negative or aggressive energy. I say this because I know this scenario oh too well and I also know that more times then not, responding in a manner that brings me down to their level usually leaves me feeling worse because i’m not thinking clearly, i’m too busy being reactive, which sometimes is necessary and sometimes is just old patterned behaviour that is need of dating.


There are also those moments when you’re having a conversation and it might be that the other person is continually moaning, venting or just generally seeming to come from a place that carries a low vibrational energy. This can be like dealing with invisible projectile vomit and just because it’s not actually there, doesn’t mean it can’t cover you and have a profound effect on your own personal energy.


Sometimes people need to vent or have a moan and it’s okay to be that shoulder for them. But if you are feeling like it’s dragging you down where by you end up speaking negatively too and so you want them to stop then here is one way in particular in dealing with that, which is to be the example you want to see in them! Say what you need to in order to make them feel safe but then raise your vibration and talk about something that’s light, uplifting and creative. Embody an energy that is light, loving, gentle, upbeat yet real and authentically you.  It will have a ripple effect in a positive way and if it doesn’t then it might be time to recognise that sometimes people whether it be that they are friends or family, are in different phases in their life and in order for you to preserve your Energy, you may have to consider taking a step back from that someone who continually has nothing positive to say.


Choose to rise likes the beautiful phoenix I know you are and raise the energy rather than matching it, things will start to change for the better.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella xx







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