Springtime Moments With Nova-Rose










Here is my scrummy little Nova-Rose wearing her adorable spring blouse that I bought her from H&M a few weeks ago. It’s a lovely quality piece that is perfect for this time of year. Nova-Rose is such a little outdoors baby, she loves being in nature, which right now is just the garden for her but nevertheless she loves it. She loves exploring, picking daisies and playing with water, her grandad has been getting the hose out and spraying it and I think she would happily play with that all day if it wasn’t for how cold it is! She is an aquarius baby and so exploring is in her nature and though i’m a Cancer and so my comfort is at home surrounded by the familiar, I also love nature and the outdoors too and so I will definitely be encouraging her explorational side.



I like to look into her astrology chart because I do believe in it and I think it gives me a bit of an insight into what she may or may not be prone to liking and disliking. I believe it will help me to focus on the positive traits and be aware of the shadow side of her signs and how to productively manoeuvre and navigate them whilst raising her. I don’t worship astrology but I do find it interesting and helpful and I can what I can from it but I know it’s not a path that everyone would choose to pay attention and take into consideration when raising a child. Anyway I hope you enjoy these sweet photos.


Sending you love and light,

Daniella x





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