Life Lessons: Judgmental Vs Good Judgment

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Hi everyone, today marks the start of something i’ve been working on, a post each week (I hope) that sums up recent thoughts i’ve been having. Sometimes I will go into talking about why the words resonate with me and then sometimes I will simply let the quote just be and it can be interpreted anyway a reader pleases.



In the last few years, during my time of learning, healing and my attempt to re-wire thought patterns that have been learnt through a long line of outdated conditioning, ancestral and otherwise, I have been learning to release judgment, something so many of us are all so accustomed to. I am making progress with it and have learned that there is a great difference between being judgmental and having good judgment. Being judgmental is negative and has a low vibration on our energy levels, it’s putting someone down in an attempt to make ourselves feel better about our life, when in fact it never actually makes our life any better off, in fact we can usually feel a bit rubbish after being judgmental about someone. To have good judgement is recognising when someone or a situation isn’t good for you to be involved in and walking away from it.




Before we opt for passing judgement, we should remember that everyone has a backstory, everyone has insecurities, even the ones who seem super confident (more times then not, they are hiding the biggest insecurities of all) and everyone has there own stresses despite how big or small they may seem to us. This effects how people are and we shouldn’t allow that to effect us so much so that we choose judgement over empathy. Remember that sometimes choosing to simply walk away from what is a seemly negative energy, is good judgment and keeps us focused on staying in our own lane.


Sending love and light,

Daniella x





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