A Pink Spring & Managing Expectations For Happier Results













Happy Monday lovelies, these photos were taken back in March on Mother’s Day, When it first felt like spring was truly in the air! Now, we are already into May and summer is fast approaching. A knitted sweater and skirt paired with knee high boots may seem like a combination that’s a little too warm for this time of year but as I said this outfit was shot over a month ago now and even so, in England you can be wearing denim shorts and a bikini top one minute and then your favourite knit the next, as our weather is perfectly and consistently inconsistent! Since even before lockdown, we have mostly been taking my outfit photos indoors but at the time we shot these, I wanted to be outside with the newly sprung daffodils and so we literally just took these photos outside the gates of where we live and even that worried me because it’s a main path through our village and also I don’t like taking photos where there are many people during the best of times, let alone during the days of conrona.


As much as I miss doing all of the things outside of the home, I am enjoying the positives that are coming with this situation that  requires us to stay in. I feel like every day I’m becoming more In touch with my spiritual side, something I struggled with a bit after having Nova-Rose. Making time to do my tarot cards, meditate, listen to healing music and hold onto crystals, watch my favourite astrology and videos alike on YouTube or to simply sit quietly out in the garden, putting my bare feet to the ground and receiving  that healing and grounding energy that comes with doing so.  Though doing these things are still nowhere near as frequent as they were before Nova-Rose, I’m grateful that I’m really starting to reconnect with that part of myself and in a way that I’m actually feeling the healing benefits from taking part in the self care exercises that resonate with me.


I’m a big believer in self care not just because it benefits us but because when we take care of ourselves better we have more energy to give to others but I also know (especially if you have children) how making time to do the small things that light you up inside can be challenging. Also there can be those days where you tell yourself you’re going to take a little more time to do this, that or the other for yourself and then for whatever reason that you don’t get those things done, you can end up then feeling guilty that you didn’t follow through with making time for yourself or if you do make the time for yourself then you feel guilty for the time that took away from someone or something else.



I think managing expectations can come in handy for staying on top mentally and not getting in our own heads too much. If I wake up and set myself 3 things that I hope to achieve that day but only get 2 of those things completed, then I choose not to get down on myself and I instead focus on what I did manage to get done and remind myself that the other thing can be done tomorrow or the next day. By thinking about what we did achieve that day instead of what we didn’t, we keep our vibration higher, which keeps us more motivated and more likely to achieve. I’m no expert, I’m simply relaying what helps me and hopefully it might help anyone else who struggles with this.


Sending you love, light and protection for the week ahead, Daniella x






(last season) Warehouse Knit -love this HERE

(old) Marks & Spencer Skirt – similar HERE

Mango Boots


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