Style Story: Walking With Wild Horses













Time goes by so quickly and weirdly even more so when you’re doing almost the same thing day after day. These photos were taken not long before going into self isolation and it was on our way to see my grandparents that we stopped to take these photos. At the time, little did we know that it would be the last time we would see my grandparents for months. I always try and schedule in time for a photo session when we visit them because not only is the village where they live beautifully idyllic but the drive there also goes over the incredibly vast exmoor moors which is quite possibly one of my favourite sites and especially if we are lucky enough to catch site of the exmoor ponies, which thankfully that day, we were.


It was blowing the most freezing cold winds when we snapped these, hence why there isn’t much diversity in the images! After five minutes I wanted to hop back in warm car but we were able to get a few shots that I was happy enough with. I miss doing my outdoors photo shoots, I miss seeing my grandparents and especially this time of year, as we usually see them a bit more in the spring but I’m just thankful that they are keeping safe. I can’t imagine how worrying it is for a lot of people who have grandparents in care homes and if there is anyone reading this who is in that position, I send you my love and I know that probably doesn’t give you any relief but sending out our loving thoughts is sometimes all we have. I bought this green coat at the end of winter and I didn’t get much wear out of it before the temperature changed and it began to get warmer but this isn’t a bad thing, it means next winter it will feel like new!


Well, I’m going to finish it there.

Sending lots of love and light,

Daniella xx




Urban Outfitters Coat

Marks & Spencer Turtleneck

(old) Pull & Bear Cargo Trousers

Dr Martens Boots


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