Lighthouse Symbolism & How It’s Relevant To Our Global Situation



So maybe a month or so into this year and up until present day, I have been hearing the word lighthouse as well seeing images of lighthouses. At first I didn’t think too much of it and then when it became so repetitive in my conscious life, I quickly realised that this was a synchronicity I couldn’t ignore. I don’t believe in coincidences for the most part and so there was clearly a message of some kind that I was receiving! The next task at hand was deciphering and understanding what was so conclusively coming into my existence. If I’m honest when I first sat down to start looking into what a message of a lighthouse might translate into Symbolically, I stupidly doubted myself due to an ignorant thought that surely a lighthouse wouldn’t mean anything. I know better then this and after my research I have been humbly reminded To never doubt the synchronicity’s that come into our life because there is always a reason and a wealth of knowledge to be learnt from them.


My goodness was I blown away from the symbolism the lighthouse represented and especially when taking into consideration our global situation.

The lighthouse can be seen as a symbol of hope, consider its light amidst the dark and stormy seas as It helps to guide those in need of sanctuary back to salvation. It tells us that sometimes though we find ourselves in scary, rough and unknown territory, that there is a light, a beacon of hope at the end of this. We just have to keep our eyes on the light which is there, even if it seems far into the distance, it’s there and WE WILL reach it and once again we will feel safe and sound in our beautiful world.



I look at its circular shape and when i think of circles, I think of energy being able to travel fluidly, it’s continual, no beginning and no end and that reminds me of Gods love or the infinite source of universal energy, whatever or whoever you resonate with. This isn’t about religion, it’s just my breakdown of what I see Symbolically here. There is also its stature to look at it. How it’s planted firmly into the ground, safe and sturdy, yet still, it reaches high into the sky. This makes me think of how in times like these, its good to have our feet firmly on ground, staying grounded with Mother Nature, allowing our body to be well nourished, whilst releasing the negative energy into the earth for healing and transmutation but to also keep our minds and soul in touch with the higher source of love and guidance. It’s that balance I personally always try and maintain on my spiritual journey, feet on the ground, head in the sky. A harmonious energy balance in where logic and intuition combine.



After researching a bit on lighthouse symbolism, I was reminded that so often lighthouse keepers would have to self isolate themselves to work and maintain their lighthouses in order to keep the people at sea as safe as one could be at sea. How incredible is this when considering the self sacrifice that everyone is to some extent taking part in right now and for the greater good of others. Whether it’s as little as self isolating in order to stop and prevent the spread of covid or whether it’s a key worker doing all they can to keep this world going. 




Some view the image of the lighthouse (symbolically speaking) as a warning sign and when I think back to when I first started seeing the lighthouse it was not that long before everything started to get real with covid-19 and so maybe it was a warning sign. But we should also to take away the positive that whilst the lighthouse may be warning us of danger it also guides us through the danger safely, giving us a sign of hope so we can get back to place of safety.


Some key words to consider and take away when thinking of the lighthouse:





Guidance to safety

Warning sign


Standing tall


Self sacrifice for the greater good 
Infinite source of love
I you’ve enjoyed  this post today, I know it’s not for everyone but even if all you take away from it is a sense of hope, then I am happy. Sending you love, light and strength,
Daniella x
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4 thoughts

  1. You say you don’t believe in coincidences.
    While searching for definitions relating to the word “lighthouse” a came across your post.
    I am the founder of the CaliforniaCreativeCenter with a mission of building a facility in Hollywood that can serve as a HQ for messaging and education about our struggle with climate change. We hope to attract creative storytellers from Hollywood and Silicon Valley ingenuity to partner for the battle.
    We decided the term LIGHTHOUSE would define our purpose and the structure itself quite nicely.
    Then I came to your post which explains precisely why the term is so appropriate for us. I hope you won’t object if I use quotes from your post to help define us in our messaging.


    1. Thank you 😊 I know, it was only when I looked into it last year that I came to realize and understand the symbolism behind lighthouses. I’m so glad and grateful you took the time to read my post xx


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