Baby Girl Style: Nova-Rose Wears Gingham & Grey













How is everyone today? Just a short post sharing these cutie pie pictures of Nova-Rose that were taken a month or so ago. I did hope to share some more recent photos, seeing as I’ve been taking a lot recently! Between the extra time at home and the beautiful weather we have been lucky enough to receive, it has meant my camera’s memory card is constantly on the limit. Though these photos aren’t my most recent photos of Nova, they are quite honestly too cute not to post and so here they are. She’s wearing gingham shirt and shorts set in the first photos and then her grey knitted dress in the second and both were from La Redoute, I don’t know if they are still available as they were sale purchases but if they are, I’ll link them in at the bottom of the post.


I was so looking forward to this spring and summer with Nova-Rose and doing all the things I had planned on doing with her and though that doesn’t seem to be even close to a possibility right now, I am glad and grateful for all the lovely weather we have had  where I can get her out into the garden for half an hour. I feel in these times we have to look for the silver linings. She’s an Aquarius and I can already tell that she loves being outside in nature, where she feels free to roam. She loves picking flowers and tipping all the dirt out of the loose flower pots I have laying  around. As always, I haven’t been nearly enough prepared for this sudden surge of sun, I need to dig out the sun cream which I know is in the depths of the messiest cupboard in the kitchen and I also need to buy her a sun hat because a non burnt baby is a happy baby, or so I hear.


Sending you love,  light and protection,

Daniella  x






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