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Hey lovelies, how is everyone keeping? You feeling those groundhog day vibes? What do you do to try and avoid feeling like that? Or do you just go with it? I try and find a few things here and there to make each day feel a little different to the last but if I’m honest, I find when you have a baby and even without being in self quarantine, that day to day living can be a little repetitive, so in that aspect, i’m used to it. I believe that Babies/children learn and find security and comfort from some routine in their life and I think even we as adults do also. But we also need a little spontaneity when we can and yes, that’s definitely easier said then done right now. The other evening we decided to go for a walk around our village, i’m someone who really enjoys going for a walk and especially in the evening during this time of year. I especially love it if we can get a little closer to nature in the process, I find it to be grounding! Which as an emotional water sign as well as being someone who is very much in tune with their intuition and empathic nature, grounding is an important aspect of my emotional and spiritual wellbeing.


This was the first time we had been for a walk outside the confines of our home (we live in somewhat of a gated community) and we have been in self isolation for almost 7 weeks and so I thought i’d try my best not to freak out and allow myself a wonder. Whilst there were certain parts that were okay, I was frustrated with how many people were out. I understand that everyone needs to get out and go for a walk, it just unfortunately  made me feel uncomfortable and so I don’t think I will be repeating it anytime soon, if I do attempt it again, I will try a different time in the day. In the mean time I am taking advantage of the lovely weather and simply going bare foot out in the garden to ground myself. I know and appreciate how lucky we are to have a garden to do this in. Don’t you find though when it is sunny outside, it gives you that sense of freedom even if you don’t go out, like it feels as though if you wanted to, you could because its sunny and warm out! Whereas if it’s raining, you feel more trapped then ever. Not that i’m complaining about rain, it’s a necessary but it is just a more freeing feeling when its sunny.




This outfit was shot back in March and though I don’t wear this fabulous printed duster on a weekly basis, it is so beautifully effortless to wear and what it does do, is update the basics in my wardrobe and especially when my everyday items is in need of a lift and now more then ever that is a very necessary quality to have in a garment. One Hundred Stars have new designs for Spring and even if you invest in the just one item, it will go a long way and make your outfit feel a little extra special on those days we need to feel a little extra special. This is not some sort of advertisement but they are a small business and we need to support them where we can, even if its just spreading the word. 


Sending you love and light for the rest of week,

Daniella x







One Hundred Stars Duster – HERE

Marks & Spencer Turtleneck

Topshop Jeans Mango Boots



One thought

  1. I’m coping OK with the restrictions as they are and am thankfully finding more than enough ways to keep myself amused, Daniella 🙂

    …but, here’s hoping things improve much soon.


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