My Zara Baby Girl Picks For Spring




Hey lovelies, Today I thought i’d share a few of my favourite picks from the Zara baby girl section. I love picking out clothes and dressing Nova-Rose and one of my favourite places is Zara kids. I know in terms of high street prices, it’s definitely one of the more expensive shops and so I have to make sure to select pieces with a bit of longevity in them, well as much as you can do that when on the topic of baby wear or even kids wear for that matter. Anyway what they lack for in affordability ( which I guess is subjective) they make up for in style. I find they’re designs feel very fresh and modern, the kind of modern that is hard to find else wear without an even bigger price tag attached to them. Well, these are the pieces that are currently on my wish list for Nova-Rose. Sorry if any of them are sold out, you know what Zara is like, sells out fast. She already has the striped sweater, baggy jeans and plimsoles, which I am more then happy with.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x




1. Textured Shirt – HERE

2. Flared Jeans – HERE

3. Knitted Top – HERE

4. Minnie Sweatshirt – HERE

5. White Blouse – HERE

6. Ecru slouch jeans – HERE

7. Stripe Sweatshirt – HERE

8. Plimsoles – HERE

9. Floral Print Dress – HERE

10. Floral coat – HERE

11. Suede Shoes – HERE

12. Paper bag shorts – HERE



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