The Knitted Vest & How I Styled It





It feels like ages since I last did an outfit post! Last week I decided not to post anything because I felt as though I was rushing to get my photos edited and posted. And because I like to do my best to create quality content, I thought I wouldn’t post and instead I’d use the time to prepare this weeks posts. This way I am able to (hopefully) deliver both quality and quantity in a way That I am proud of. The only downside is that my photos are getting even more backed up, with outfit photos being taken from over a month ago, that are still yet to be posted. I’m not panicking though because I prefer slow style over fast fashion and hopefully the outfits I post can be enjoyed regardless to whether I shot them yesterday or a few weeks ago.


This outfit features a knit I received from my mum back at Christmas time and as much as I love it, I needed a moment before I could style it, as I wanted to do it justice. Most pieces in my wardrobe are bought with the intention of knowing exactly how I’m going to style and wear them and then there are the few exceptions that need some time to just breathe before I’m able to formulate an outfit. But I always find it’s worth the wait, rather then rushing in because I’m excited and then feeling bad due to not liking my outfit. Gosh, I make sounding getting dressed like such serious business! Sometimes it is I guess and then sometimes it isn’t, depends on my mood? I loved how styling this gorgeous green knit looked with the simplistic whites thus creating a stark contrast, which really highlights the intensity of the forest green colour as well as the knitted ribbon detailing within the vest.


Sending you love and light,

Daniella x







Zara Knit

(old) Isabel Marant Culottes

Topshop Ankle Boots



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