Sunflower Symbolism: A Message Of Peace & Hope


A couple of weeks ago, as I was waking up from my sleep, I received an image of a sunflower in the form of vision. I was instantly uplifted and I thanked my angels for this beautiful visual that I had been blessed with that morning. After making my cup of tea I proceeded to google the symbolism of the sunflower. I consider myself psychic as I believe that this is the case for us all but it’s hard to define or pinpoint my personal psychic abilities into one thing or another. I believe my angels, guides or whatever or whoever it is to communicate with me in quite a varied amount of ways, a topic I’d like to delve further into at another time. One of the ways I believe they communicate, is by blessing me with certain images in my minds eye and like in this case it was the sunflower.

So often I depict the message that they are trying to give me through the image by googling its symbolism and then I apply in to my current situation as intuitively as I can. I’m not saying this is necessarily the correct practice but it works for me and whilst I think there are some universal practices that we can all use when developing our own psychic abilities, we also have to trust what we feel works for us as unique individuals. Anyway moving onto the message of the sunflower and I wanted to share this with you because I don’t feel this message was just intended for me alone, I feel it was for me to share with whoever is open to receiving its beautiful message.

When I received the vision of the sunflower it was a couple of weeks into quarantine and well as much as I was trying not to be taken over by fear and worry, it was still effecting me on the daily and it was the message of the sunflower that really helped shift my thinking.

  • After reading a few different sites, I discovered that the sunflower is a flower of peace and hope and this is considered to be the most defining message and symbolic meaning of the sunflower. Can you imagine how delighted I was when reading this, that during a time of global uncertainty, where worry and fear can so easily be bought to the forefront, that here is a flower that literally stands for peace and hope?!
  • On I continued to read how the sunny flower is actually a beneficial to our environment, as it cleans up toxicity and radiation from the soil.
  • I often like to read about the native Americans and their symbolism and in regard to the sunflower, it was a worshiped plant and a crop that was held in high regard and was considered to be a a symbol of great strength and perseverance.
  • Because the sunflower is so often pointing in the direction of the sun, it can be seen as a sign of having great faith. It reminds us to always look to the light even in times of hardship and let’s face it, right now we need to keep positive and stay focused on the good wherever we can. Whilst key workers around the world are on the frontline of this global pandemic, people who are at home who may be feeling helpless right now but we can still play are part in this. Even if it is the somewhat simple act of remaining calm, staying positive, being creative where you can and staying in a space of peace. It may sound corny but if we can can keep our vibrations high, we can balance out and maybe even be outweigh the fear energy and I believe that this is an important and possibly even an overlooked factor in conquering this modern day war. So wherever  your faith and spiritually resides, stand strong with your feet firmly on the ground and look towards the light.
  • I like to look at the colour of the sunflower too and I don’t know about you but when I look at those yellow and orange hues I instantly think of a few key words that I associate with those colours; happiness, creativity, energy, good immunity, confidence, good fortune and abundance.
I honestly like to believe that receiving this image was a good omen, an omen of encouragement and a reminder to stay strong, have hope in your heart and to act from a place of peace. Whether or not you’re interested in the symbolism of this flower, I hope if nothing else this floral ray of sunshine brightens up your day.
Sending you love and light,
Daniella x
Here is a link to another interesting page on sunflower symbolism. It may be to inspire tattoo ideas but nevertheless it’s interesting.
Image found on Pinterest, I thought I saved it so I could credit but unfortunately I didn’t.

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