Baby Girl Fashion: Two Cute Dresses


Blank 6 x 4 in-3



Hey lovelies, a small post sharing a couple of dresses that Nova-Rose has been getting a lot of wear out of recently. I’ve been meaning to share these cute pieces with you for a while now and well, it may come to no surprise but I’ve actually got a little more time on my hands theses days ( and I mean a little more because you know, mum life) and so I finally got around to sharing them. My mum bought them for Nova-Rose just before her first birthday and though that was a little while ago now, I am pretty certain that there are still a few available to buy, in case you liked them too. My mum bought them from La Redoute which of course I have heard of before but surprisingly I have never shopped on there site. After seeing these dresses I am now checking on there regularly and below I have shared a few more of my favourite styles and the best thing is, that they are heavily discounted right now!




Embroidered Skater Dress – HERE

Knit Dress – HERE




Embroidered Yellow Dress – HERE

Pack Of Two Stripe Tops – HERE

Stripe Two Piece – HERE

Bonjour Sleep suit – HERE

Cotton Muslin Jumpsuit – HERE



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