How I’m Maintaining A Sense Of Normality









Happy Monday my lovelies! I don’t mean to sound ignorant or insensitive to our global situation, I’m just trying to stay upbeat and keep things normal in whatever capacity I can. During these times it can be tricky simply differentiating what day it is, so is there anything you do to make your weekdays feel like weekdays and weekends feel like weekends? For me it’s the simple things like keeping to my normal routine of eating, so for example during the week, I’m super mindful of what I put into my body and try to keep things as clean as I can and then on The weekend I choose to be less restrictive.


Also during the week, I tend to be more casual with my style because usually my normal weekdays are spent at home raising Nova-Rose and then on the weekends we would usually go out and that’s when I would tend to have a little more fun dressing up. So for me trying to keep to this recipe feels like I’m maintaining a sense of normality and in these times as much as I believe in going with the flow, I also lean in to what brings me comfort where I can.



For today’s look I returned to a few of my wardrobe favourites, with the addition of this ruffle neck jumper that I bought in my local Marks & Spencer before quarantine. These photos were also taken prior to quarantine. I know snake print OTK boots and jeans might be a strong look for some but I think the simplistic and classic nature of the knit and pea coat tones down the otherwise maximalist combo of the boots and jeans,

Sending love and light and may you stay safe,

Daniella x









(old) Topshop Pea Coat

Marks & Spencer Jumper – similar HERE

(old) Jeans (old)

Snake Print OTK Boots



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