OOTD: Coats, Remember Them!











Coats, remember them! It was that piece of clothing that people used to wear when they left the house and what’s leaving the house I hear you ask, it was something that humans used to do pretty much every day. I’m sorry, it’s Almost 3 weeks into quarantine and I’m just reminiscing. I’m not complaining though  because in times like this it serves no one to get caught up feeling sorry for themselves. We are in the midst of a global crisis and we are being asked to stay inside. Our grandparents had parents who had to fight for their country in a very different capacity, so let’s get some perspective. There are people losing loved ones unexpectedly to this, so let’s just do what we can to lesson that by doing what’s right. We can choose to feel sorry for ourselves or we can try our best to see the light in a dark situation.


We get to have some proper time to rest our bodies and our minds. If you’re a parent, then you get to spend quality time with your children and I know kids can be stressful but that can often be a result of busy schedules, feeling tired and or overworked but now we can create a more relaxed environment. We can also use this time to start a creative project, read that book you’ve been too tired to start. You can finish the photo album, start yoga, try out recipes (if you can get the ingredients). There are many things to focus our energy on and I’m not trying to dismiss or belittle any feelings of anxiety or worry, it’s completely natural to feel that of course and especially at a time of absolute uncertainty but we can feel that and then choose to make the best of a bad situation where we can. This is an unsettling time in our lives but it can also have the potential to be a time of learning, letting go and gaining a new perspective and gratitude towards our lives.



I know and empathise that this feels scary but I try and think that it is what I make it. Yes, I still worry from time to time throughout the day but it doesn’t serve me or humanity because the world needs good energy right now, good energy and for people to stay in and stop the spread.


Sending love and light for the weekend, may your Saturday feel much like your Tuesday,

Daniella xx





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