A Clean & Minimal Look For Spring (even if its just pretend)

Blank 8 x 10 in-2



Hey lovelies, I don’t know what is appropriate to post anymore, I know it seems weird posting outfit ideas and especially seeing as though the country is officially now in lockdown! But that said it’s putting together outfit collages like this one, that helps me to take my mind off the dark reality right now maybe just maybe it does for you too. Like I mentioned before, I do feel in someway its good to continue planning outfits, planning trips, planning what ever it is that you would usually do. We don’t have to act on it but  for me, it’s a welcome distraction and as a believer in manifestation, thinking about and visualising the things we hope for and the things we desire and feeling that excitement that planning such things bring to me, then who know’s what putting out that energy will bring in return.


Energy is a real thing and we have to mindful of what energy we are putting out there. Yes, I have my moments of fear and worry, it’s hard not too when its on everyone lips but I try to change that as quickly as I can and that happens by focusing on things that light me up. This outfit today would be my perfect look for a walk around the park on a clear spring day. Classic, minimal and easy going and this time I swapped a handbag for hand wash just because it’s so on trend right now 😉



Sending you love and light and I hope wherever you are, that you are safe and well inside your homes,

Daniella x








Mango Trench Coat – HERE

Cale Body – HERE

Topshop Jeans – HERE

Marks & Spencer Necklace – HERE

Proenzea Schouler Boots – HERE

Grown Alchemist Hand wash – HERE


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