Baby Girl Style: The Knitted Romper That Keeps On Giving

















Happy Monday, I hope everyone had a lovely weekend, even if that was Spent I n self quarantine like it was for us. We celebrated Mother’s Day yesterday and despite the current challenges that comes with these times, it was thankfully a lovely day and we managed to make the most of it. It was a beautiful sunny day with clear blue skies and though we couldn’t really get out to enjoy it in the way one would usually hope to, it undoubtedly gave everyone the uplifting energy that we will need during these next few weeks/months. I believe we are going to have to take the positives and express gratitude where we can, even if it is just something as simple as a clear and sunny day.


Usually I start the week with one of my outfit posts but instead I though I’d start the week off much cuter then unusual, with these photos of Nova-Rose that I took a few weeks back. I don’t know how long she’ll let me select her clothes and outfits for her, I remember being very young when I started having my say in what I wanted to wear and apparently I hated jeans! It’s almost too impossible to even imagine that ever being the case but I’m told it very much was, I must have blocked that from my memory. I will definitely do my best to restrain myself from trying to impose my ideas and ideals of what I want her to wear if she has her own opinion on clothes, as I ultimately believe that choosing her own clothes will be a positive way to express herself.


I almost can’t believe this knitted romper still fits her, she has had it since she was five months! It’s funny, I find some baby clothes She’s had since she was 3-4 months old and though only just hanging in there are nevertheless still fitting her and then there are some I bought only a month ago and already they’re becoming too small. I’m currently creating  her spring wardrobe, I haven’t bought anything just yet but As always I’m currently loving the Zara kids section, there are quite a few spring staples on there. Leave me a message if you would like me to share My spring mood board for Nova-Rose and I’ll get started.


Wishing you a lovely, safe and healthy week ahead. Please stay home, there are still so many people being ignorant to the reality just waiting to be told rather then using their initiative.

Love and light,

Daniella x




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