A Message Of Support & Adventure


I don’t believe I’ve shared a post like this before but I thought in our current situation that maybe I should. What can I say, I felt a spiritual pull to do so and so here goes. I originally shared this on Instagram and I pulled these cards holding not the intention for myself alone but for us as humanity and what message and guidance do we need as collective and so here goes. Let me know if you like this post and maybe i’ll make them more of a habit for the future.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x



Another fitting card right now and that’s Support! A time to rest, go with the flow, nurture yourself, mind body and soul. It can be hard to ask for help for some people (I’m one of them) but it’s perfectly okay to say you need help or to ask for help, even if it’s with small tasks because if it helps to free up time that you could use for your personal & creative endeavours which is going to give you all those good feelings then that helps you to be a better friend, parent, partner or whatever.

This is also a card to remind us that we need to prioritise time for self care. Make time to nap, watch your favourite tv show, read a book, take a long bath, meditate or whatever it is that brings you those chill vibes. It’s about healing & lifting your vibration for yourself and also to be of better service to those who are around you. 



Adventure may seem like the universe’s way of having a joke on us right now! In our current global state but on closer inspection, it’s actually perfectly fitting.  Now is the perfect time to plan for your next big adventure, holiday and or getaway. Now I know we may not be able to book anything just yet because it’s kinda a week by week situation right now but what we can do is start a Pinterest board of places we would like to visit, including the cafes, restaurants, excursions we want to try out. Use this time to research hotels, b&bs, villas, campsites basically whatever tickles your fancy.

Do this and visualize yourself being there with your family, loved ones or just your fabulous self. This will raise your vibration and the world needs your positive energy right now. When the time comes and this awful phase passes and it will pass and hopefully sooner rather than later if we are careful and conscious of our choices, we will hopefully of manifested our next adventure into reality. Now is the time to imagine, visualise and look forward to a future of abundance.





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