Cosy Loungewear & Staying In



Though these photos were taken way before the covid-19 took over our lives, I thought they were perfectly fitting for this time in our lives where some of us are choosing to retreat and stay inside at home. I received this loungewear from my mum for Christmas (yeah can you believe that was three months ago already) and well even though I will continue to put together looks on my “good days” there are going to be a lot of days ahead in where extra comfortable clothing is considered a necessary. We’re lucky to have three children in our lives, our daughter and my two nephews and they keep the days interesting and fun, though it can tiring too. 6:30 starts and day after day of trying not to let the household chores get on top of you.


See usually I can look forward to the weekends or mid-wid trips to somewhere new or familiar but both equally as fun and perfect for quenching my thirst for a change of scenery but nowadays that’s out of the question.  Yes it’s going to be potentially a challenging few months but we are doing what’s best and as long as we stay as calm as we can, keep a positive mindset, create time and opportunities to get creative, get some fresh air as often as we can, even it’s just simply by opening a window and taking time to just sit and focus on our breathing when we feel like the anxiety of this situation is becoming too much. Oh and drink lots of cups of tea but then again, that’s just a normal day for me, a self confessed tea addict!

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x


The White Company Knitted wrap Cardigan – love this HERE

The White Company Pyjama Trousers – similar HERE

The White Company Cashmere Socks – HERE


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