The New Zara Jeans I Made An Exception For





















Hey lovelies, so it’s been a week since my last post, which is not like me, i’ve been a bad blogger! Anyway I am back and hopefully this blogging week will be much more productive. It’s not that I don’t have pictures to post or outfits to share or topics to talk about, in fact i’m backed up with outfit photos, it’s just last week was a bit stressful and so I thought i’d take the pressure off and start a fresh this week. Sometimes you just gotta role with where the energy is taking you, don’t fight the current, flow with it, am I right?!  So yeah last week Nova-Rose was teething quite badly and so she was majorly attached to me and there were a couple of days where she just didn’t even nap and by the time the evening rolled around I was just done! The stresses of all that’s going on globally with Coronavirus has also been quite distracting and depleting to my energy levels. I usually try and stay away with whats going on in the news because of my empathic side but obviously that isn’t an option when it comes to navigating through this, I have to actually think about it, gather information and make decisions on how I am going to deal with protecting myself and my family. As you may know I suffer with M E/Chronic fatigue/ Epstein-barr virus whatever you wanna call it and so my immunity is more fragile then others and I honestly don’t know how or if my body could deal with such a virus.


So I have decided, along with my family to pretty much quarantine ourselves for the next few weeks at least and then see where we are at here in the UK, unfortunately I think this is just the beginning of some tough months ahead but I am hoping some warmer spring/summer weather will come in and help calm the virus down. It’s so hard to know how to fully navigate this situation, I think we all want to listen to the government but we also are now more aware that they don’t always have our best interests at heart, at least that’s my opinion. I think we have to gather our information, listen to more then one source and then work off. instinct, regardless of what others may be telling you, I just think, trust yourself, try and stay calm, wash your hands and be as considerate to others as you possibly can. We have to work together, human to human. In one way or another it will affect us all.


I may talk about this from time to time on here but for the most part i’m keeping things as normal on this blog as possible, its better for my sanity.


Todays look features these new Zara jeans of mine and though I haven’t been able to by many items this year so far (soon many birthdays to buy for) these I did make an exception for! I think they are a great addition to my slow building spring wardrobe. I love their shape and fit and I am even tempted to buy another pair in a different colour/wash, as Zara do them in a few colour variations, I recommend you checking them out. Plus they are wonderfully affordable too. I wore them with a vintage army shirt and my black pointy boots for a minimal look and also because it shows of the shaping of these trousers really well.


Stay safe my lovelies. Sending you love and light,

Daniella x




Vintage Shirt

Zara Jeans

Topshop Boots


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