Being A Mum Vs Taking Outfit Photos







I wondered when I was pregnant with Nova-Rose how photographing my outfits was going to fair once my little bundle of joy was here. It’s been just over a year and though its been challenging, I would say we’ve managed for the most part to find a way to shoot my looks. This winter has probably been the hardest, the winter is always tricky anyway, the light has gone but the time my boyfriend gets home from work and so I rely on my mum to take them and I will leave Nova with my sister, she lives right next door, so it works when she’s home. But this winter I’ve definitely had to do more inside shoots and all I can do is embrace it as it’s about making the best of ones circumstances, I’d grow tired of trying to fight it otherwise.


Now the evenings are steadily becoming lighter once again, hopefully we’ll be able to schedule in more outside shoots. I do miss going to locations to shoot my photos, nowadays it’s more about making the best of my surroundings in where we are at the time and that’s not always the most inspiring creatively speaking. But like when styling clothes I always think “it’s not what you wear, it’s how you wear it” and I guess the same applies when shooting photos in a location that isn’t the most desirable. Mummy life is incredible but it’s still a working progress in synthesising my blessing of being a mum and my personal pursuits.


Sending you love and light for the week ahead,

Daniella x



& Other Stories Jacket – HERE

(old) Warehouse Knit

(old) Topshop Trousers – similar HERE

Nike Sneakers




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