A Beautiful Connection To A Beautiful Scent




I remember as a little girl being so intrigued by perfume. I recall taking all the lids of my mums bottles and smelling them and being comforted by the scent because to me they represented my mummy. Even now, I love it when my mum has looked after Nova-Rose for a little while and when she comes back to me all I smell is my mums scent from where my mum has held her and cuddled her and once again I find comfort in the reminisce of home because to me my mum is home.


Perfume is incredibly influential, the nostalgia it can evoke is powerful. It can have the potential to bring forth heartwarming emotions, feelings of sorrow and it can remind one of memories that we thought were forgotten. When I was growing up my mum always wore Beautiful by Estée Lauder and though she doesn’t wear it anymore, to me, it will always be her and though I don’t need something physical to show or emphasise our closeness and connection, my mum gifting me this perfum is now the unnecessary yet welcomed item that allows me to feel more connected to her then ever.

Sending love and light,

Daniella x


Beautiful by Estée Lauder – HERE


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