My Journey To Healing: The Up’s & Downs Of Being An Analytical Person

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I’m someone who often/all the time over analyses myself, literally, I am by far my harshest critic! Sometimes this can help me to evolve and grow because I’m able to evaluate my thoughts, feelings and actions and so if I do or say something shitty to someone I recognise that I’ve made them feel bad and in turn it makes me feel rotten too. I recognise it and remind myself I’m human and sometimes humans mess up and then I try and remember that feeling of feeling like crap because I said something thoughtless, so that the next time I’m in a similar scenario I will hopefully not be so reactive and instead be more thoughtful before I choose to let myself become overtaken by my emotions.



Whilst it can be good thing  for me to overly analytical it has also at times caused me to doubt myself, allow opinions and criticism of others to effect me and even deter me from trusting my instincts. Thankfully in recent years and as part of my journey to healing, I have worked on striking a balance in where I try to work with my analytical side rather then let it rule me. Of course when trying to heal negative aspects of ones personality there are still times where it gets the better of me and I start questioning myself, like how, at times, I can be very enthusiastic and I always worry that to people who don’t know or understand me, might think I am coming off patronising. I start to wonder whether I should tone myself down and so I begin to feel less confident and then I just sink into this self-critical slump.


When this happens I have to quickly try and snap myself out of it, I acknowledge the thoughts and feelings and thank my mind for reminding me that I am who I am and it would be wrong for me to tone down what I perceive, to ultimately be, positive aspects of myself and to just keep being me and I encourage anyone who is reading and relating to this to do the same.


We are who we are and yes, we should evolve, grow, and truly look at and be honest with ourselves and be grown enough to question what may need to be changed or tweaked but we should also embrace is all our little quirks regardless of whether others always understand it or not.


Sending you love and light for the week ahead,

Daniella xx

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