Home Decor: My Valentines Corner









It is no secret that I love any excuse to get festive in our home and valentines is no exception. For smaller holidays such as valentines day, I keep the decor to more of a specific area rather then going all out like say, for Christmas. What was being used as a hot chocolate stand has now become an ideal spot for my tribute to Valentines day. I’ll admit it’s not exactly how I pictured it but this has been put together by just finding things around the home, nothing here has been purposely bought. I just haven’t been able to create the time to shop for anything new but it’s surprising what I had laying around and well, I had fun putting it together and I guess that what being creative should be about. It’s not perfect but I enjoy having my little corner of Valentines cuteness.


Sending you love and light,

Daniella x



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