Baby Style: Soft Neutrals For 1st Birthday Outfit


Happy Monday and a Happy to start to a New month! This past weekend we celebrated Nova-Rose’s 1st birthday, I am working on a birthday post but in the mean time if you to head to my instagram, there are a few photos already on there. Not that I need an excuse to buy my baby girl a pretty dress but this was her 1st birthday and I wanted something super sweet. After the christmas festivities, I opted for some neutral tones and created a birthday look that was soft and delicate. I admit I am slightly addicted to the Zara baby section and this knit and tulle dress was the perfect hi-low mix. I knew she would be comfortable but still look like she’s ready to partAY! When looking for her dress, I did stumble across these shoes but they were £22.00 and well it seemed a lot for some shoes for potentially just her birthday. So I searched for an alternative pair but in the back of my mind, it was always these and so I went for it justifying them by telling my self they’re nicely neutral and will look cute with many of her clothes but ultimately I told myself that this is her 1st birthday and even the smallest of details are important to me and so why overthink it. Like they say, life is too short, so by the shoes! Though little miss Nova-Rose is a little terror for having anything in her hair, I finished off her birthday look with this cute floral print headband.


Sending you love and light for the week ahead,

Daniella x





Zara Baby Dress & Shoes

Little Daisy Headband




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