Taking The Old & Styling It New




Every thing I’m wearing is all old just styled in a new way. Even though you may not often see the appearance of this mini skirt very often, it is nevertheless a firm favourite of mine. Though one annoyance, it isn’t lined and, which make it feel like it sticking to my tights sometimes. I never forget one of the first times I wore  this skirt was for my first ever trip to LFW with the Creators Of Desire ladies. I wore it with a snake print shirt, statement necklaces and my most favourite Miu Miu pumps. I remember feeling so confident in what I was wearing but so shy and Un-confident in the London fashion week environment. I know clothes are just things and to some people, just necessities and a function of everyday life but I admit that I do have a somewhat emotional connection to them, so many of my pieces hold memories from different times and periods in my life.


This Weekend we will be celebrating Nova-Rose’s 1st ever birthday  and I’m so excited to just take it all in and do my best to be present and engaged for as much of it as I can. We are throwing small party on the Saturday and I’m worried that when hosting these things, you kind of end up missing them but hopefully it won’t be like that, it is all family and so that takes of the pressure I suppose. Anyway I hope to keep my Instagram updated (so much for being present) so feel free to follow the weekends events over on there.


Sending you much love and light for the beginning of February, Daniella x

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