The Beauty Post: ICONIC London Eyeshadow Pallet






Occasionally I will take the time to make an effort to share a little bit of beauty here on Lella Victoria and today is one of those rare occasions. Though most of my make up is just daily uniform, a bit of foundation, touch of bronzer & blusher, mascara and lipstick, there is one exception of fun I bring to my daily make up routine and that is eye shadow. I’m not overly creative with it, though I do like to dabble with mixing up colours every now and again, you know, just to keep things wild. Again, not too sound boring but I tend to stay in the gold/golden pink arena, it’s just I feel my most confident with a golden shimmer on my eyelids, I feel anything too heavy just drowns my face. So this eye shadow from ICONIC London that my sister kindly gifted me was perfectly suited to me and I admit, I have pretty much been using it every time I do my make up, which is almost everyday, so yeah, success! I have to say, that I am quite fussy with my eye shadows, I like them with more pigment, then not. I am not the biggest fan of ones you have to build up, as i’m more of “get my make up done with as quick as possible”  kinda woman and this pallet is pretty good for that.


Sending you love and light,

Daniella x




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