Life Goes On





I consider myself a deep thinker, is that weird to say that about myself? I don’t think so. Anyway I can get lost in my thoughts and my emotions sometimes and especially when I hear of something quite sad or profound. I keep thinking about how life goes on despite tragedy, it’s weird to think that why one person is waking up and dealing with such darkness in their life, that life is still continuing on and there is someone also waking up ready to start their day just in the same manner they always would. Personally I’ve always been someone who tries to carry on as normal when faced with emotionally challenging situations and thankfully I consider myself mostly lucky in what I’ve faced tragedy wise, so who knows how I would actually deal with that and hopefully it will stay unknown for a long time.


Whilst you get up and get ready for your day ahead, think about the people you love, tell them and if you can show them how much you love them and if you can spare a thought or prayer for people in the world who are dealing with loss, who’s day/world has been turned upside down because it’s happening every day and whilst I like to keep things upbeat and positive on here, in the light of learning about Kobe and Gianna Bryant and all the beautiful souls that were involved in the helicopter crash, I think  it’s important and necessary to use this moment to think about all the families that have been left behind and the capacity of grief they must be feeling right now. Tomorrow our lives will go on but they are still going to be feeling the rawness of their grief And who knows how long that journey of grieving will be, so let’s keep them in our thoughts.

Sending anyone who facing tragedy right now so much love and healing,

Daniella x





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