Winter Style: Fair Isle Knitwear





Fair Isle knits like this one I don’t believe have to be saved for christmas only, I think they are perfect the days we may be feeling tired or our plainer hero knits! These white jeans and black ankle boots is a pairing that is definitely a bit of a go-to combination for me right now, so don’t be surprised if you some variation of todays look in the weeks to come.



I have been thinking about fear recently and in some ways it can work as protection against harmful or dangerous situations but it can also hold you back from something that might be of great benefit to your progress. That classic “ if I jump, I might fall but also, I might fly” quote. Yesterday I posted a tweet on my twitter that I have been wanting to post for a while now and every time I questioned myself on why I was holding back, I knew it was because of fear, because of possible negative repercussions! I think whenever fear is holding us back we have to use our instincts to evaluate the risks and though there are the occasions where fear can literally save our lives, for the most part it only stops us doing either the right thing morally or stops us from following our true life’s path and even being creative. Yesterday I said no to fear and chose not to let it hold me back from speaking up about something that has hurt my family and whatever happens will happen, I just have to have faith and trust that it felt right intuitively and if I don’t get desired response then at least I tried.

Sending you much love and light and I hope you have a lovely  weekend,

Daniella x






Marks & Spencer Coat – love this HERE & HERE

(old) Ralph Lauren Knit

Topshop Boutique Jeans – similar HERE

Topshop Boots – similar HERE




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