Styling The Shirt Jacket & A Lighter Approach To Blogging




















After the Christmas break I was left feeling like I am in a place where i want to take a slightly more leisurely pace with m blogposts. Now, I’ll admit I often feel like this going into the new year and then I slip into the habit of pushing myself and I don’t know why because my blog is a place for me to share my creativity, it’s a hobby that continues to be an enjoyable experience and yes as much I would it to be place of earning also because who doesn’t want to make money doing what they love but the truth is I make no money from it apart from a small amount of commission via affiliate links but that’s few and far between because I still don’t really know how to utilise that.


Anyway, I really just want to get back to the natural flow of things, there is no need to put unwarranted pressure on myself to get posts published within a certain time frame. I’ll edit photos when I can in a manner that calm and enjoyable. I want to be completely present whilst raising my baby girl, she is almost one and time feels like it’s zoomed by and I honestly don’t want to miss a moment and so panicking to get a post done is just a mindset that I’m focusing on changing. Blogging is fun and I want it remain that way.



Onto my outfit and this shirt jacket was actually one of the first pieces I bought back at the beginning of autumn but oddly I only started wearing and styling it in December and now I can’t stop wearing it! I love this jacket and it’s quickly becoming my go-to piece, I find it effortless to style and as a full time mum but who still loves the creative process of getting dressed, effortless items to style have now become an important aspect of my clothing choices. Keeping it simple, androgynous and a little edgy for today’s look and I hope you like it.



Sending you love and light,

Daniella x

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