Essential Oils: Eucalyptus

DSC_6678 copy






I love essential oils, though I have mostly only dabbled with them in the past but they have been something I would really like to learn and explore more. This Christmas I was lucky enough to receive an electric oil diffuser, something I have hinted for the last few years now and this year my oil diffusing dreams came true. I am going to try and put together a post on the oil diffuser itself at some point in the coming weeks. Anyway since I get unwell quite a lot with colds and mini flu viruses and this last month has been especially horrendous, I feel like i’ve been unwell with a heavy head cold for weeks and weeks and so with always trying to nurture my body in as many natural ways as I possibly can, eucalyptus oil is one of my favourite oils for helping with congestion and just helping to clear my airways a little when i’m dealing with a heavy cold and the sinus problems that come along with it. I believe it has helped take the edge off and I also believe inhaling essential oils also does more healing internally then maybe we’re aware of. It’s just my own personal theory but yeah, that’s what I feel.

What do you think about essential oils?

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x





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