Our First Christmas With Nova-Rose


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Though it’s been a different Christmas this year with having a baby attached to me, it has been incredible watching Nova-Rose experience her first Christmas! She unfortunately was suffering with another cold, I swear she’s been unwell the entirety of December but she, like most babies/kids is resilient and still managed to enjoy this festive period despite clearly feeling under the weather. It’s pretty awesome that she ten months old during her first Christmas, she took it all in more then I thought she would and surprisingly was  quite interested in her presents, you never know with babies if they’ll be more interested in the box! I had been excited to dress her in her Christmas dress for weeks now and I couldn’t have been happier with it. It’s 6-12 months and it’s slightly on the smaller side and so I don’t think it has too much go in it left but it was  perfect for the occasion it was bought for and so I can’t ask for more then that. Having photos of Nova-Rose’s first Christmas is so important to me, it’s weird to think I’ll never get it back and so the photos will help me to relive the memories that were created this Christmas season.


I wish you all a wonderful weekend. Sending you love and light,


Daniella x









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