The Faux Fur Collar & How I’m Styling It


One of my favourite looks from this autumn. Simple, chic, classic with structure and a surprise touch of print. I would have thought having a baby would have made me less in touch, less confident with my outfits/style but recently I’ve come to the conclusion that the opposite is true. At the risk of sounding arrogant which is absolutely not my intention, I must admit that this year I feel more in touch with my personal sense of style then I ever have.

Whether that’s due to having less time on my hands and so I stick to choosing classic staples and looks that are not so fussy and in turn are possibly less risky and more fail-safe. Or maybe it’s due to turning thirty this year and though I don’t always believe that age determines how you feel or act, I will say that this year I feel more in touch with who I am right now, how I feel emotionally, spiritually and mentally and so it’s quite possible that’s reflecting in my style, I don’t know. But sartorially speaking I’m happier then ever with where I’m at and I know to some that’s vain or whatever but my style, my outfits are big part of my life and so I do feel boosted when I feel like my styling choices are going well.

This Helen Moore leopard print, faux fur collar had been begging to be bought back out for a Fall look and I love the impact it makes when wearing it. It may be a small detail but like I said it’s an Impactful one and even more so when a look is kept streamlined. I hope you like todays look.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x

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