2 Kids & A Baby On A Sunday Afternoon





Ah, finally i’ve got a post together to share with you today! Between the christmas festivities/generally being busy this time of year and with me and Nova-Rose being unwell for the last few days and getting next to no sleep, being able to carve a solid block of time in the day or evening seems to be incredibly challenging. Also, my posts that I’ve been wanting to share with you recently have included a lot of family outing which mean double the amount of photos resulting in double the amount of time in the editing  process! Nevertheless here we are today and i’m sharing these photos that were taken on a beautifully autumnal Sunday a few weeks ago. This was originally going to be just me, Nova and Conan but we asked my nephews if they wanted to join and they did and though three kids can be challenging, we were by a dam and so I knew I could always play the “i’ll throw you off the dam, if you don’t behave” card if I really had to…..



I mean it does help being in a big open space but our older nephew gets bored really quickly and so trying to make it fun and imaginative is often of the upmost importance with him but sometimes that doesn’t even work and it was one of those afternoons where you could just tell (because he was telling us haha)  he instantly regretted coming with us and he was just thinking about being at home with his……iPad. The younger one on the other hand was loving it, thankfully and Nova-Rose I don’t think she cared either way. After we took them for hot chocolates and Carter my younger nephew whoes energy resembles that of a tornado needed up flipping the hot chocolate (by accident) of the table up in the air and to say it went everywhere would be an understatement. Well, at least it gave onlookers a chuckle, though don’t think the waitress was best please. It was in starbucks and well, maybe it gave them the incentive to finally give it makeover, its kind of a hole now, in fact I don’t think its had a lick of paint or new flooring since it opened!


I hope you like today’s post.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x





(old) Mango Knit

(old) All Saints Duffle Coat

(old) Acne Studios Jeans

Dr Martens Boots



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