Family Fun Picking Our Christmas Tree

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Every year there are many Christmas traditions that we do together as a family, some of which we’ve done for years and years and some that are more recent but i’m sure will grow to be long standing traditions in years to come. Going to pick our Christmas Tree is without doubt probably our unanimous favourite thing to do at Christmas as a family. Every year we head out to Langford Lakes and though we have been doing this for years, it’s only been the last couple of years in where we have been able to go out into the forest and select our own, well, my mum used to that many years ago but then stopped and so she’s so happy to be out in the forest again, choosing our family tree.


This year was extra special because our beautiful Nova-Rose was there to begin her memories of this Christmas tradition that I hope will continue for as long as it will bring moments of festive joy. We also had Jake there, a friend who’s more like family. It may seem a little corny and I know it’s not for every family but we love it and it works for us. If you are in the area, I can’t recommend Langford Lakes enough, it’s a family run business, that seems of grown so naturally over the years, through what seems like hard work to create a genuinely enjoyable experience that goes beyond just picking a christmas tree. They have the most beautiful christmas decoration shop, a santa for the kids on the weekend, mince pies being served and a genuinely helpful service that beats most. The one thing I would advise is, if you can, try and go on a week day, due to its ever growing popularity, it’s rather busy on the weekend.



I haven’t been asked to make this post, i’m nearly giving credit where credit is due. We take the photos because we love documenting these special moments, so we can always look back with fondness.


Sending you love and light,

Daniella x





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