Styling A Retro Autumn

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Happy Friday and today and this weekend we will beginning the Christmas decorations in our home and the family home and though I’m exhausted on every level right now as well as being concerned at how easy it will be to put up Christmas decorations with an almost ten month old, regardless to that I love this time of year and the momentum of the excitement is going to see me through this weekend. Can you believe that the gilet I’m wearing in todays post is about twenty eight years old!! Can I call it vintage yet? Though outfit ideas for this piece are few and far between, It felt good to bring this almost forgotten gem back to life. I love how it looks with the tobacco colour of my trousers and the warm colours of the fallen leaves. A classic retro look shot in the midst of autumn.


Wishing you a fun Friday and a well spent weekend.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x

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