Fall Florals & Managing Expectations

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During my twenties I learnt that sometimes our love and care for our family or friends can easily become blurred and what we think is caring can become somewhat controlling. It might be we feel we need to help those around us, guide them and use our own experiences as what we think is good advice. This is all well and good but this can also turn into expectations and I’ve learned that putting expectations on those we care For can sometimes be like giving someone a test, not telling them about it and then making them feel bad when they fail.


It’s not always a conscious thing we do but it does happen. Sometimes people will reach out for help, listen to you but then do nothing, making you feel as though your efforts have been waisted! It’s frustrating but it happens and that is for us to accept and understand. If someone isn’t where you thought or expected them to be mentally or emotionally that isn’t their fault, it’s just where they are on their journey and though by default we often compare, we have to try and avoid doing that because no two lives are the same and even if you’re siblings with the exact same upbringing, that doesn’t mean your perception of that said upbringing was always the same.


We can’t control how people perceive things we can offer a point of view but it’s up to them if they choose to agree with that view or not, we can’t make them. I’ve found a lot of inner peace by learning to accept we are responsible for our own lives and it’s not for us to dictate to others how they should be living their lives even if we think it’s coming from a place of love. People have to make their own mistakes, learn their own lessons and if your advice and guidance can Help them on the way, then great but ultimately we have to let go with love.



Todays look is another way i’m wearing fall florals. This dress is perfect has been my go-to piece for the last few weeks (last worn HERE). Paired with an oversized knit and brown suede boots, this was classic Fall look, thats easy to rely on if you want a simple yet an effective outfit and also great for mums 😉

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x






(old) & Other Stories Cardigan – love this HERE

Topshop Floral Print Dress – similar HERE

(old) Vagabond Boots – love these HERE


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