The Easy To Wear Piece That Makes A Statement


DSC_9770DSC_9805DSC_9839Blank 7 x 5 in-11DSC_9859DSC_9784DSC_9849Blank 7 x 5 in-12DSC_9889Blank 4 x 6 inDSC_9837Blank 7 x 5 in-10


I’ve always loved pieces that make a style statement but also feel effortless and comfortable to wear, though I guess who doesn’t love that in an item?! Now I’m a mum to an almost ten month old, easy to wear pieces feel like a must, now more then ever and if they can be impactful too, then even better. I’ve spoken of my love for One Hundred Stars before and how I value the versatile nature of their designs and this printed duster style is no exception to this and yet again wearing this piece feels effortless as much as it feels special.  A piece as light as this could be assumed that it wouldn’t work in the autumn/winter but you shouldn’t let that prevent you from wearing such styles, you just have get a little more creative and no that doesn’t necessarily mean more time and effort, think layered over turtlenecks or fine knits and maybe even chunky knitwear would look cool.



I Styled mine with a grape coloured turtleneck (sorry the lighting doesn’t show the colour up very well) which picked up the purple hues from the duster, a winning combination in my opinion and then to carry on those warm rich tones I chose a tobacco coloured, high waist and wide leg trousers and almost a matching coloured pair of boots (for elongation) for a super luxe yet comfortable approach to styling this beautiful One Hundred Stars must-have. Just because this is more of an indoor look, you could opt for a longer length coat layered over the top and the hint of print coming through would work and look just as good.



I hope you like todays post, I hope you have a great week ahead. Sending you love and light,

Daniella xx





One Hundred Stars Thistle Duster – HERE

Warehouse Turtleneck – HERE

Topshop Boutique Trousers

(old) Topshop Boots


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