Because Autumn Is My Favourite

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It won’t be long until we say goodbye to the autumn season, similar to the spring it comes and goes quicker then I would like. I think this year, I have accepted that autumn is my favourite season and before all the final leaves float down from the trees, I have been proactive in making sure I document this beautiful season as often as I can with our camera. I am consistently on the lookout for autumnal settings in where I can shoot my outfit photos. The location for todays post was in a place I hadn’t shot before, I call it apple orchard lane. That’s not it’s official name but nevertheless the nickname I have given it. It’s a lane that leads to an apple orchard place and so makes perfect sense to me that it can only be referred to as that 😉  I wore this floral print dress that I  bought from Topshop a month or so ago after a long time of debating it.



I tend to only shop pieces that stay in my head for a long period of time, that’s why I’m no impulse shopper. I have to contemplate the item over and over, visualise how I’d wear it multiple ways and that way I know for sure whether it’s worth the investment and that’s usually my rule of thumb whether the piece is considered expensive or inexpensive. There are expectations and sometimes I will just throw caution to the wind and make an impulsive buy just to change things up from time to time. I layered the dress over a yellow blouse which gave the dress a boho feeling and then chose my patent boots for that statement touch but then tied it all together with this old but classic and slightly swing style of coat. I try and always add in a classic element to my outfits, I often find it tames, neutralises and makes my outfits feel a little more relatable.


Wishing you a wonderful weekend ahead, apparently it’s raining here, so planned activities may be abandoned but here’s to hoping that won’t be necessary.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x




(old) W Concept Coat

(old) See by Chloe Blouse

Topshop Floral print Dress

(old) Topshop Boots



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