Outfit: Autumn Blues

DSC_8221DSC_8284DSC_8353DSC_8205DSC_8274Blank 6 x 4 in-13DSC_8229DSC_8299DSC_8238Blank 6 x 4 in copyDSC_8351DSC_8219DSC_8383






The photos from todays “autumn blues” post were taken when a turtleneck layered under a shirt and leggings layered underneath my pleated skirt was enough to keep me warm without the addition of a coat. I love wearing classic pieces like this blue silk shirt and this pleated mid-length skirt and then adding an item or two of something that is a little more modern and unexpected and this case I opted for the brown patent boots, which are still continuing to be a favourite of mine and also this creamy bag with a statement resin handle. This is why I try and keep to classic styles when shopping but then occasionally step outside of the box for pieces that are unusual or more “on trend” and not because they are on trend because I only ever invest in pieces that evoke something within me. Mixing old with new, modern with classic is for me, a crucial element when it comes to creating my outfits.



Sending you love and light,

Daniella x

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