My Thoughts On Helping vs Enabling


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If you follow me on here or especially on Instagram, you’ll notice how much I am inspired by the classic warm colours of autumn. But for today’s look I went for less conventional colour scheme with White’s and creams and then this yellow blazer For a streamlined statement. It’s a lightweight blazer but works perfectly for layering over knitwear during the transitional weather period. I enjoyed wearing something that felt a little lighter and well anyone who has followed my blog long enough, knows I am a fan of wearing whites all year long.


Whether you are astrologically minded or not, this mercury retrograde has definitely been throwing up past situations or more like repetitive scenarios back into our present. Though it has been tricky to navigate in the sense it’s challenging not to go back to old ways of thinking and reacting to certain situations in a way that I always did, I’m pleased to say that so far I feel triumphant in overcoming what I would have given into in the past. I always try to remain sympathetic and empathetic to those who are facing very obvious struggles as well as to those who may appear fine on the outside but on the inside may be struggling just as much if not more.


When I see people of whom I am close to struggling, I want to help so much, I rattle my brain trying to think of ways I could help ease their current situation. But I am also learning that sometimes what we think is helping can also be mixed up with enabling. I also think that when you’ve been proactive in helping someone out so much in the past, that there comes a point where you need to somewhat leave them to figure it out for themselves otherwise you can become caught in an endless cycle where the lines between helping and enabling become blurred.



It’s not about sitting back and watching someone suffer with using the “ I don’t want to enable them” as an excuse for not doing anything, It’s about being there for someone, emotionally, lending them your shoulder, giving them some words of encouragement and sometimes simply just listening to them. It’s finding balance and yes there are going to be times where you have to a give a little more of yourself then you normally would but it’s also okay to not always give as much for your sake and theirs. Only you’ll instinctively know when you need to give a little more or hold back a little more and I know that both can be hard to follow through with but just listen to what your soul is guiding you to do and even if it feels a little uncomfortable for a second, you’ll feel a sense of relief once you’ve done it and then you’ll know you have done the right thing.


I do always hope that my ramblings make sense to anyone reading them. Sending you love and light for the weekend,

Daniella x





Arket Blazer

(old) Marks & Spencer Jumper

Topshop Boutique Jeans

(old) Mango Snake print Shoes

Trademark Bag



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