Nova-Rose’s Autumn

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Though these snaps were taken a while ago at the very beginning of autumn, I am still so happy to share them with you here on my blog. I never thought I would be just as excited about if not more so about choosing clothes for a baby but I really do enjoy it. Soon enough and the way time is currently flying, Nova-Rose will have her own voice when it comes to what she chooses to wear. I also have to prepare myself for the very real possibility she might not even care for clothes ( ah, the thought alone makes me want to shed an over dramatic tear) and so I am making the most of this time, where I currently have full control on how she looks and dresses.

I look forward to dressing her and every now and again I like to share those cute little outfits as a somewhat style extension of the fashion and style aspect of this blog. For Nova’s look today I dressed her in a pretty little floral print dress with a chunky knit cardigan and mustard yellow socks. It was a perfect gateway to autumn outfit in my opinion and capturing it by placing her amongst all the beautiful crips autumn leaves just seemed perfectly fitting. She loves sitting on the ground playing with the leaves and grass, she has a true Aquarian, hippie heart.

I hope you like todays post.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x










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