This Style May Be Overdone But It’s A Classic

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This style may not be “on trend” but to me it’s a classic when it comes to autumn looks. A mid-length printed dress with some brown suede boots and yes I know a pair of knee high would have looked better but I am still searching out the perfect pair. I’ve found a few that I really like but cant settle on one pair. This gilet was my mums from years ago and I don’t think she ever even wore it but i’m making sure it doesn’t completely go to waste by taking this unwanted orphan of clothing into my open arms. Though I love the fishermen/cargo inspired gilet’s that are currently super on trend right now, I can’t help but enjoy the bohemian feels that this, in my opinion, timeless piece lends my outfit.



Even though I have never considered myself overly concerned with what other people think of my looks and I guess I have always had some level of confidence to go out in the outfits I wear (especially being from a small town in somerset) I must say that this year I have felt myself becoming more confident in wearing what I want to. This look may be considered over done and even I know I didn’t use much imagination summing this one up but for me, slowly disappearing are the days where I cared so much about putting together looks that are new and imaginative (to me, at least) and becoming more comfortable with wearing and styling outfits in where I comfortable and confident regardless to whether they feel new and fresh or classic and arguably over saturated. As long as i’m happy wearing what i’m wearing.




I hope you’re having a lovely week so far and enjoying all the days of this wonderful season we call autumn.

Sending love and light,

Daniella x







(old) Dorothy Perkins Gilet

(old) Marks & spencer Floral Print Dress – love this HERE

& Other Stories Bag

Vagabond Boots – love these HERE


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