When In Doubt, Keep Your Style Simple

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It’s funny how at the beginning of the year we’re sick of the sight of our coats but then as we get to the later part of the year we are kinda excited to get out our outwear faves! Or maybe that’s only me but either way, i’m still excited. When I wore this outfit, it was just as the temperatures were changing and it was still in that awkward not hot but not too cold and not fully raining but an inconsistent and unpredictable downpour whenever the hell it feels like it.  I usually hate trying to dress for weather like that but I am learning more and more that its best to simply keep it simple on days such as these. Keep it simple, keep it classic and choose for pieces that you know you feel comfortable and confident in wearing.  This coat was one I bought around this time last year and I had never bought a coat from Marks and sparks before and I was so surprised by the fit and quality (not that I should’ve been as many of my clothes are from there and so why should I expect anything less then great when it comes to their coats) that I have recently just bought another one of their coats this year. Yes, it’s probably been bought and seen by everyone as its been used in their campaign but I don’t care.



I used to get affected by people having the same things as me (though I still tell my little sis off if she buys something I wanted but thats just my big sister privilege)  and if an item was really popular I would stop myself from buying it regardless to the fact that I loved it. One of the reasons I always loved designer brands, was the security that I would be far less likely to see it other people wearing it. But now I approach it all so differently, I believe it has come with time, with growing older and probably feeling more confident with who I am. If I like something that’s enough for me, I feel safe and confident enough in my ability to style the piece and not be worried about something that now feels so minor in the grand scheme of things. I guess when I was younger I was trying to find my own tune and well I have never felt like I fit into most social situations and so it makes sense that I would mimic that sartorially speaking too. But i’m glad I did have that time because I feel it helped me to know and accept its okay to be and look a bit different. It contributed to the confidence and comfortability that I feel I have now.




Anyway, wishing you a truly wonderful week.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x








(old) Marks And Spencer Coat – similer HERE

(old) Marks & spencer Turtleneck – similar HERE

(old) Jeans – similar HERE

(old) Oxfords – similar HERE



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