Comfortable Style In Oversized Classics




I love oversized classics, it’s definitely a style go-to for me and whats better then a shirt from the mens department?! I’ve had this one from M&S for years and it’s certainly served me well. For todays post  I styled it with a simple pair of camel/brown wide leg trousers, sometimes I like to balance oversized pieces with something more fit and then other times I like an exaggerated look by doubling up on the loos fitting designs. Androgynous style isn’t for everybody and I get that and especially if you’re a women wanting to show off your figure or just simply feel feminine, sometimes I want to fell that too but there is something about this easy and not to forget, comfortable style that just resonates with me so very much.


I feel like there is so much I want to talk about and get off my chest but its 10pm on thursday night, i’ve only just settled the baba and I have still got to wrap my nephews present for his birthday tomorrow! I’m going to need a cuppa or three.


Sending you love and light for this Friday and may you have a truly lovely weekend,

Daniella x








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