The Creating Process

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A few weeks ago right at the beginning of the Autumn I wore this ensemble that featured a pair of jeans and boots that I’ve been dying to wear, both by Eytys and both pieces I managed to score a great deal on. The coated jeans are epic, they remind me of tar, I like how the heavy duty look of them looks paired with the delicate floral blouse, it was the perfect compromise when deciding on a transitional look. What do you think of the photos I share? See I love creating imagery thats fun to edit and creative when taking them and I try to create somewhat of a style story, I like to imagine if I was just spectating these photos that it would provoke my imagination to think of the storyline that goes along with them.


That said I often think about a more simplistic approach, in just taking a couple of photos, one of my outfit and then maybe a couple of close ups. It’s a less creative process but a little more relatable and more along the lines of a visual outfit diary, even though I rarely do planned shoots and almost all the images I take are truly of what I am wearing at the time. Sometimes i’m caught between both but ultimately I really do enjoy the process of creating photos where the location, the angles and just the direction in general is thought about but I guess and with especially being a mum now, there might be times where that isn’t always achievable and so a minimalist approach might be the direction I need to go in when I still want to take photos of what I’m wearing.


Clearly i’m overthinking this whole topic and should just continue to create because creating is such an important part of my mental wellness.

Sending you love and light to for the weekend,

Daniella x





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Eytys Jeans & Shoes

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