Polka Dots & Patience

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I did want to write a more in depth post for today but unfortunately time management isn’t my strength this week. Nova-Rose, I believe is having trouble with sleep regression and it’s challenging keeping up with everything. My days start at 7:am and it’s roughly about 9:00 pm before I am able to stop and get some time to myself and even then it’s not really to myself as we are currently watching Mad Men (i’ve seen it a few times before but Conan hasn’t, so i’m watching it with him) and so even though i’m stopping to sit and watch that, my evening kinda seems to end there. She’s not a big napper and so I don’t get much more then hour during the day. I don’t mean to sound like I’m complaining or making excuses and on positive note at least i’m still managing to get all my usual amount of posts up, I don’t know how I quite manage to do it sometimes but I do.


Becoming a mum definitely requires unlimited amounts of  patience but whenever I feel overwhelmed by it all and start to feel like “ah I’m running out of time” I try and let go and have faith that it will get done one way or another and stressing will only impact on my energy levels and retaining energy as someone who lives with ME is integral and so I literally can’t afford to waste it on worrying over getting things done. Most importantly I try and remember if I get caught up in worrying over getting things done, it will absolutely be picked up on by my baby and that would be so counter-productive to my cause. SO i’m currently sat at the computer sniffing my lavender oil straight out of the Neal’s Yard bottle like some kind essential oil addict, looking to get her high or should I say more like her calm ha! Just trying to my relax on and go with flow.


Wishing you a wonderful Friday and sending you love and light,

Daniella x




Zara Headband

(old) Reiss Blazer

(old) DVF Shirt – similar HERE

Marks & Spencer Polka dot Dress (summer collection) – love this HERE & HERE

New Balance Sneakers – HERE


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