11 Things I Love About Autumn

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It’s October and it’s officially autumn and I loveeee the Autumn, it’s arguably my favourite season. Today I’m sharing 11 reasons why I love the Autumn and all the things I am looking forward to over the coming weeks.


  1. Autumn Leaves: It’s an obvious choice but it really is all about the leaves. The enchanting array of colours, the crunchy sound they make under my feet and the way they fall down like autumn version of snow.


2. Hot chocolate Stations: This year we’ve been thinking about creating hot chocolate stations. I think they are so festive and I feel they can be as creative or as simplistic as you like. We’re imagining that on a Sunday afternoon, putting on a movie, making some hot chocolates, maybe take a sneaky insta shot (or two) and getting our cosy on.

3. Pumpkins: I love seeing all the pumpkins coming into stores this time of year. Last year I bought so many pumpkins, I think they make great autumnal home decor. I love buying them in lots of different sizes and placing them around our home. You could also try painting them in different colours, to make them a little more unique to you. Last Autumn I painted mine white (see here).


4. Scent Of Autumn: I love choosing candles with an autumnal scent, I often pick affordable ones up at tkmaxx or home sense but for something a little more special I love the “Autumn” candle via The White Company. I am so very much looking forward to burning mine this October. I like to light mine first thing in the morning, I find it sets the tone for the day.


5. Toffee Apples: I have a sweet tooth, I won’t bother denying it and even though I’m always worried they’ll crack my teeth, I absolutely love toffee apple, the ones with the brown toffee preferably, not the red. I would love to one day, have a go at making my own.


6. Apple orchards: For The first time last year we visited a apple orchard and I think it will be the beginning of a tradition because I had such a lovely time walking around seeing all the beautiful colours that mimic and evoke all the warm and cosy feeling of fall. Not to mention the overwhelming scent of all that apple-y goodness.


 7. Halloween: I’m definitely more Christmas then Halloween but that said I love any excuse to get a little festive and going along with my nephews trick or treating each year is something I always look forward to, they look so cute in costume and this year we have Nova-Rose to dress up too!


8. Carnival: Going to our local town carnival is another festive activity we look forward to come the autumn. It’s a pretty tragic affair and so crowded but I can’t help but love it. Maybe it’s the nostalgia of it, we’ve been going since I was a little girl and they’re fond childhood memories, so I like to keep the magic alive and especially for my nephews. I’m looking forward to seeing what Nova-Rose will think of it this year.


9: When Harry Met Sally: I only watched this movie for the first time a couple of years ago and in was during the summer and I remember thinking that it would be the perfect watch for when the autumn arrives! Now I plan on watching it every autumn. It makes we want to go to New York in the Fall and invest in as many cosy cable-knit sweaters as I can.


10: Chunky Knit: Talking Of knitwear, chunky knits or any kind of knitwear is another thing I love and look forward to come the autumn. I try and add to my knitwear collection each year as I know good knits don’t date.


11. Fireworks: Bonfire night is often for me one the last festive activity’s we do for the autumn before we start getting stuck into Christmas activities. On bonfire night, I love the smell of sparklers, the hot food carts, the warmth of the bonfire traveling in the wind and the excitement on all the kids faces. We always try and get to firework event each year, fingers crossed we will get to again this year. I just don’t know how Nova is going to react, we have bought her ear defenders but we’ll see.


Anyway that’s it for today. I hope you like you my post today, let me know what you love about autumn.

Sending you love and light,

Daniella x





Some photos are mine and others are via Pinterest and white company



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